Zinchem is one of the largest producers of Zinc Oxide, Zinc Dust, Zinc Alloys and Zinc Sulphates in Africa. Zinchem also trades in Zinc Metal (SHG).


Zinchem supplies both local and international markets from a plant, which is situated in Benoni just outside Johannesburg. Zinchem was founded in 1946 by the Anglo-American Corporation to produce zinc dust, which was used for gold cementation in cyanide solution in local gold mines. Later the company began producing zinc oxide, which is supplied to the tyre industry, rubber manufacturing industry, paint industry, pharmaceutical industry and agricultural markets. 


Due to a requirement from the local market, three grades of zinc sulphate were then added to the product range. Zinc sulphate along with zinc oxide is used as trace element supplements for animal feeds, as well as a zinc supplement in fertilizers. 


Zinchem is actively involved in the South African and International market and are active members of various related organizations such as IZA (International Zinc Association), AFMA (Animal Feed Manufacturers Association) and the FSSA (Fertilizer Society of South Africa).


Zinchem is a certified ISO45001 company.  All products are manufactured under stringent quality standards and are all fertiliser and farm feed products registered under Act 36 of 1947 with the Department of Agriculture.

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